4 ideas to cut expenses on opening a small restaurant or coffee shop

In the F&B sector, it is quite tricky to talk about reducing a startup cost. Everything is about the food and service quality that deliver to your customers. And of course, you do not have to pick the most expensive pieces when you’re planning to open your café or restaurant.

POS idea

Look for an F&B advisor / consultant or do your research

You can look for an F&B advisor/consultant to help with your overall F&B business plan. They could give you a perfect idea for your business in different aspects. And if you aren’t ready to invest money at this level, you can research on your own on all the F&B business idea, do it yourself! Well, it may take some time, but at least it is not so costly. Refer to this article: How to Start Up F&B business might give you a general idea on how to start up in F&B business.

Look for an interior designer or start your research

To help you out with designing the look of your cafe, the best option is still to look for a professional. The interior designer will help you to plan your café or restaurant’s space according to your ideas into a general picture. So, start your research and find the most appropriate options from your financial perspective and do not fall for the first decorator you’ve seen.

Equipment List – Save Money

List out the equipment list based on your budget, to save more money; you may also purchase used café equipment. But the actual savings comes with choosing the reliable equipment that precludes repairs and disruptions to your workflow. So be careful with this.

Choose the right POS system

Choose the right POS system that helps you reduce labor costs. All the data saved in cloud storage, and to start with this, you will need an iPad and subscribe to the software by yearly or monthly. And you also do not need to spend much on hardware. On average, the hardware includes the cash drawer, receipt printer, and iPad stand only cost RM999 in a package. Speaking of POS software, it depends on the specifics of your café or restaurant.

POS system is easy to use, significantly you will not need to waste a lot of time in staff training and money, either.

All the plans come with essential such as integrated with e-wallet payment, manage multi-stores, cloud backup, and discount. The customer easily views on the promotions or discount given through the POS system, and the POS system provides payment flexibility by allowing your customers to go cashless through multiple-wallet options.

So think twice in your planning, we hope this helps you out! Find out for more detailed on the packages here. We hope you’re able to have some idea that is a must in your F&B business plan. Abide by and implement the concept into your business plan and wait to see the booming success of your café or restaurant!

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