5 features to help your small restaurant or café that’s quickly growing

Anyone who worked in a restaurant and café is likely familiar with the traditional type of cash register systems. Today, the F&B sector is overgrowing, and the same goes for consumer trends change quickly. They seek for digital technologies that made them more convenient, where the cash register uses a digital user interface, often with a touch screen for input.

That is where the iPad integrates with cloud solution software to replace cash registers and allow business owners to ring up the order, print receipts, and more features that will enable in optimizing your business, cut cost, and increase more profits. 


Why is it necessary to have a POS system? (Point-of-sale)

Here is some checklist for you while you’re operating your F&B business.

  • Slow billing process
  • Mismanaged customer database
  • Cashless transactions
  • Frequent theft and orders misplaced
  • Outdated software and hardware

If the answer is yes, you will need to restructure your business operations with a suitable POS system. You don’t have to remember all the transition or business details, so having a POS system is a right choice – a program to automate your business activities.

Go Paperless

Enable your waiter does not rely on the pen-paper while taking orders from the guest.

Interactive menus and ordering

Update the menu digitally in POS system, or allow your guests to place orders from their tablets or smartphone. This makes the restaurant operation more efficient, not leaving their guests to wait too long before ordering. This would help the process faster and efficiency of increasing tables turned over rate, making more profits.

To take mobile payments and fast checkout

iPad lets you accept mobile payments. Customers will have various payment methods in paying by cash, credit cards, and e-wallet. Therefore, it should not take too much time or any manual work to be done by the cashier.

Informative Reports

Reporting feature which is user-friendly for all the business owners. Information consists of weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales, and hourly transactions.

Customer Data

To maintain customer’s data by storing their profile data. These data help the business owner to build an effective loyalty program to retain their customers, which helps to increase sales in the long term.

This is the reason why you need a POS system. Operating a café or restaurant calls for a range of administrative, management, and marketing skills. And with these 5 features, it simplifies your business and also helps you to focus on expanding your business in total ease and freedom.

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