About Us


To be the first priority POS solution provider for small and medium F&B industry in ASEAN.


Better Income, Work Life Balance, Recognition


Increase Revenue, Reduce Cost, Improve Efficiency


Increase Income, Good Reputation

"We believe F&B owner deserved to have a good POS system in order to run their business seamlessly.”


“Nice restaurants should always be retained.”

Some small restaurants that serve delicious food go disappeared after being opened for just less than half a year. Some restaurants that are full of human touch have been replaced by other shops just in 3 months’ time.

Why? Instead, some restaurants that serve ordinary food manage to keep opening branches, one after another.

As consumers, we love those small restaurants that serve scrumptious food with excellent service and great ambience. However, they tend to close down just within a few months. Our team would like to lend a helping hand to these nice restaurants to go further.

Our team would like to retain these great foods and the snacks, as well as the enthusiasm and persistence towards the food.

The concept of GOMANA was then produced.

“An option, assisted by all.”​

Our mission is to help small restaurants to go further to a bigger world.

After a large number of analysis and surveys, it is discovered that the biggest problem of small restaurants is their system.

Hence, we develop and provide GOMANA iPad POS software, contributing to efficient business management.

At the same time, we provide synchronization support, including a self-ordering system, to help the restaurant’s owners to become high-tech business owners who are good at saving the resources and managing businesses.

“Completing others before completing ourselves.”

Small restaurants indicate small amount of capital.

Without large amount of capital to be invested in systems, does it mean that they can never be at the same starting point with chain restaurants?

Our mission is to help in the development of small restaurants.

We are willing to provide iPad POS system with the highest performance-price ratio, at transparent price or even free of charge.

We believe that with the small restaurants having a stable foundation and growth, then only they can reach the Win Win Win Business model: Continuous operations of the restaurants, consumers get to enjoy great food, and GOMANA does not face losses.

Because of the belief, we remain committed.

We hope that you join us, no matter you are small restaurants owners or consumers, together we create a food and beverage market that has more freedom and is friendly to independent business owners.