4 Reasons why GOMANA POS

GOMANA iPad POS system helps you to start and manage your business EASILY!


Supported Any Devices

GOMANA POS allows F&B business owners to access different devices such as desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphones. If you already have ready devices such as iPad, you can easily sign up and access to the POS system and start to upload your menu and information to run your business. Setup installation with hardware is easy, and of course welcome to contact us if you need our assistance in the setup installation.

Secure Your Data with Cloud

All of the data you have entered will be stored in cloud. So, it is easy for you to access your sales report, products details and the latest data that you need.


Modern Cafe

Modern and Efficient

GOMANA POS system works perfectly fine for all the SME in F&B sector such as cafe, restaurant, buffet, food kiosk.  It is easy to use even there’s a lot of different features such as multi-stores, online/offline sync, table layout management and etc.


Save Cost and Time

Features such as GO WAITER or GO ORDER, works with any devices. It enhances customer experience and also business operation to be more seamless and efficient.

Find out our 14 days advance trial campaign, you’ll have the chance to try all the premium features!

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