CORONAVIRUS : How F&B business owner to minimize the impact of COVID-19?

2020 – A challenging year for everyone. Global economic has slowdown and every business owner is facing difficulties in driving revenue due to heavily impacted by the coronavirus.

Remember that, this situation could be a chance for you to deepen relationships with your new or loyal customers. Don’t settle by using the defensive measure to fight the slowdown, but use the creative ways to bring them in before things return to normal.

In addition to the Malaysia coronavirus outbreak, “The government has imposed a 14-day Movement Control Order from March 18 to 31 nationwide to curb the spread of the Covid-19 infection in Malaysia.” All the houses of worship and business premises will be closed, except supermarkets, convenience shops, public markets which sell daily essentials will be operating as usual.

Nobody knows how long this situation will last. Until today, the government has decided to extend the MCO (Movement Control Order) until 14/4/2020. We understand the struggle of all the business owners are facing during these difficult times. Thus, here are some tips for you to sustain a restaurant / café operation during these periods.

Support Delivery and Takeaway Dining

Limiting the gathering of groups is to slow the spread of COVID-19. In order to practice social distancing, take away and delivery options that help in keeping your business by nourishing the communities with delicious food.

Focus on Marketing

It is crucial to engaging your regulars during the coronavirus outbreak period. These are the people who will eventually become loyal customers in your community. You may reach out to them with emails, SMS, calls or any possible medium. Let them know your business is open and safe, always welcome them to make any food orders from you.

Here, we will tell you how to keep up traffic by investing resources into marketing that providing them safe experience.


  • Level up branding by Social Media Campaigns

Let’s use social media to stay top-of-mind for your followers, such as creating posts or advertisements on Facebook. Keep posting and gain higher possibilities to let your customers aware that your business is open and know about any promotion you’re planning.

  • Email Campaigns

Most of the restaurant or café has guest data, gather all their email addresses and blast them through EDM ( Electronic Direct Mail ) or a simple SMS / text message to update them on your restaurant or café promotions. In this surreal time, this would be a good way to approach them due to most of the people are staying in the house.

Offer contactless payment

“Electronic payments look more appealing as people fear cash could spread coronavirus” (Source: CNBC)

Contactless payments (e-wallet) are a new option for customers who are more conscious of what they’ve touched. Therefore, you can encourage the customers to use “cashless transaction” for “take-away” purchases, it is for the safety of the employees and customers. 

And now it is the time for the F&B business owner started to consider implementing a POS system in your restaurant or cafe. Enable your business stay up-to-the curve in the future, accepting digital payment and access your data which are stored in the cloud anytime, anywhere. 

iPad POS system would be one of your choice! Let’s take a look! 

Build up an online restaurant

Online Restaurant

We understand the COVID-19 has left a huge impact on all the F&B business owners. So, now is the chance for you to build up a restaurant online with our partner – EATMOL to keep your business running during Malaysia’s COVID-19 lockdown.

Remember, it’s not too late to save your business now. Even you prepare home-cooked meals, café or small restaurants, you can opt to choose EATMOL to build up your online store too. So, in difficult times like this, let’s pull together and support each other, here we hope the suggestion given can help the F&B community to go through this.

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Hopefully, the coronavirus will pass soon and become a minimal impact on lives. So for the time being, keep yourself always hydrated such as drinking water and vitamin C which can boost your immune system to prevent infection. Again, we hope this article could help you have some idea about your business.

Please comment below if you have other tips to share with other business owners out there.

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