Digging into the e-Wallet POS Payment Solution during Coronavirus Outbreak

The impact of COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak brought up the crisis and challenges in the F&B industry. We are aware of the hardships that F&B business owner is facing now, and also we want you to know that we’re thinking of you. We hope this article could help you to minimize the potential impact on your business.

Currently, every F&B business owner was changing their business tactics into these as below : 

  1. Support Delivery and Takeaway
  2. Build up Your Restaurant Online
  3. Support Social Media Platform
  4. Encourage Contactless Payment
If you would like to know more how, just take a 3 minute time to read this : How F&B business owner to minimize the impact the COVID-19? 

Here are some of the ways to help the customers and also merchants to sustain their business in this difficulties time. But how about in the near future? 

No one knows how long this outbreak will be over. Thus, we can actually see the changes in the consumer behavior and also with how today technology has specifically impacted the operations of a restaurant such as self-order, digital payments, engaging with their customers and also managing their food menu and ordering system.

Therefore, POS [Point-of-sale system] has changed dramatically to deliver a better customer experience and also to provide more features or useful tools that help the business owner at a lower cost. The technology has transformed the restaurant or café experience to be more seamless in the future. Thus, there is an increase of more restaurant operators to find new, innovative ways to keep up with the curve in their business. Not only bringing higher levels of guest satisfaction but overall operational efficiency that improves the quality of food and services in the near future.

Here is why we encourage contactless payment such as the e-wallet, that helps decrease in spreading the virus. 

Cash could be spreading the coronavirus, warns the World Health Organization. 

Source : Business Insider News Article

No doubt, the market for digital payments is increasing, and for consumers, now it is all about mobility! Going cashless is more accessible now, and this is one of the main factors that are increasing of restaurant owners to use the POS system, which integrates with e-wallet payments.

Here’s how it is beneficial to the restaurant owners in terms of convenient and customer satisfaction.


E-wallet is convenient, and there’s a substantial increase in customer use. For those business owners who are using the POS system with e-wallet integration, they have a competitive edge over those who do not. Significantly, E-wallet will lower down your expenses in printing receipts (unless requested from the customers), and e-wallet made business owners less vulnerable because they do not transmit the customer’s card information into the POS system.

Customer Satisfaction

Remember! Customer satisfaction is essential. E-Wallet brings convenience to the customer, such as they no longer need to dig through a purse or wallet to find cash or credit card. They will need to grab the smartphone for payment. Moreover, customers would prefer to pay swiftly once they’ve done their meals. The longer the time that takes for them to settle the bill, the more they will feel dissatisfy and frustrated.

So, for more tips for restaurant owners and managers, make sure to check out our article regarding how to choose the best POS system for your business.

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  1. gomarketing

    i think it’s more secure, and speeds up transactions compared to cash.

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