We make it easy for your F&B business

Best Cloud Solution software to manage your F&B Business

No more confusion and complex to manage your restaurant or cafe.

POS Dashboard

Dashboard & Menu Library

Simple and intuitive user interface that provide clean & clear visibility to manage :

POS Employee Management

Employees Management

Manage user access level and permission


Real-time Data Reports

Gathers all the information from your day-to-day restaurant operations. Generate different types of data and reports for your better insight into the growth of your F&B business.

POS table management & Members

Table Layout

Easily manage your business with simple and intuitive UI, visualize your table layout among floors and get real-time updates.


Members registration and keep track with your customers’ data.

iPad Offline Mode

Data Synchronization

Work anytime, anywhere on your devices to see up-to-date reports. You can sync your data when online,Your store can run seamlessly even in offline mode.

Manage multiple-store business functioning smoothly

Just in a click! You will able to monitor the sales data on transactions processed in all stores. 

Get a better overview of how your F&B business is doing well as a whole and more decisions by analyzing reporting data on all stores.

Customer Rating

"ENGAGE" with your customer and Get Deeper Insight of their dining behaviors

Every customer will able to receive e-receipt from you. Customer able to scan the QR code on the digital receipt and review immediately. 

In the GOMANA backoffice, you will able to get a better overview on the customer ratings and comment based on the detailed chart and reports. 

Everything just work seamlessly!

Go Order

Self-Ordering System


Offer your customers various choice of payments. Quickly accept payments from the payment users.