Create an Order

  1. Sign in to GOMANA POS, and go to Sale.
  2. Select the table.
  3. Key in the Number of Pax. (Base on the default settings)
  4. Select the item(s).
  5. Press Confirm.

Change Order Options

  1. Press the item you’d like to change the order options.
  2. Quantity: Press + to add or – to minus quantity.
  3. Add Remark: Fill in the remark in the Text Box.
  4. Service Type:Select Take Away or Dine-In.
  5. Modifiers: Select the modifier if any.
  6. Press Add to confirm.sales options

Delete Item

  1. Slide your finger across the item you wish to delete, from right to left.

Make Payment

  1. Select the table.
  2. Press Pay.
  3. Select the payment mode; Cash or Credit Card.
  4. Press PAY NOW.
  5. Select print options; Print, email or do nothing.

Pay by E-wallet.

  1. Select the payment mode; E-Wallet.
  2. Scan the customer’s QR code.
  3. Select print options; Print, email or do nothing.