How Food Technology Evolved in the Food & Beverage Industry?

Consumers are always looking for new things, especially in food. Meanwhile, do consumers evolve into the restaurant tech?

According to AFN (Food Tech) study, most of the consumers expect restaurants to utilize new technologies like at-table digital feedback, ordering, and interactive menus, and micro call buttons.

65% of the consumers feel drawn to try new restaurants that have adopted innovative technologies, while 71% believe that new and exciting technologies are an excellent way to attract curious consumers. Also, 73% of customers mentioned they’ve used mobile app-based food ordering.

Here, this is where the entrepreneurs to think “How to provide the customers with a great restaurant experience?” and “What should they do to maintain a good restaurant operation?”

Therefore the Entrepreneurs in the F&B industry are increasingly jumping on the opportunity due to convenience has become a significant value proposition in the food industry.

Remember that, to think it from your customer’s perspective, such as how you seat guests, how guests order food, and payment mode. These processes should be at a convenient starting point with your customers.

Always put extra love and thought into your customers, remember to create the right ambiance for your restaurant and café, is also one of the huge factors in your customer experience. Ensure your food and your environment is Instagramable, which gives a great impression on your restaurant. Get it right, and you’ll reap the rewards. As simple it is.

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