How to take full control of your restaurant without waiter?

Easy! You will be able to monitor the tables and orders with the POS system.

1. Managing your business in one place

The intuitive and straightforward table layout helps to ensure proper circulation and movement of the restaurant staff as well as the customers.

With managing table layout, it is easier to know which tables are on which floor, and you can get tables turned over quickly. Besides, you can easily move, merge, split, and transfer parties with tables.

iPad POS system

2. Faster service with a self-order menu

Give a pleasant dining experience to your customers with self-order services. They can place their orders quickly. Getting set up with our self-order system is simple; you just have to generate a QR code and give it to your customers to scan and start placing orders.

While your guests are placing their own orders, your staff would able to focus on other segments such as offer guests more information, upsells food, and drinks. And of course, it saves your time and streamlines your staff to each shift to become more efficient.

It’s essential to let the diners have their meals perfectly timed, and so they will appreciate the services in the restaurant. If you wish to learn more about how the POS system can help you to run entire business, do check out our other articles or book a demo with us to understand more.

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