Mexican Mayor weds an alligator in a colorful ceremony, kissing the animal when it was his turn to kiss the bride.

A Mexican mayor Victor Hugo Sosa has reportedly married an alligator in an ancient ritual, celebrating his indigenous roots and asking for good fortune for his community.

Sosa who is the mayor of a small town called San Pedro Huamula, Victor Hugo Sosa, has married the reptile who was dressed in a typical white garment that represents nature and divinity.

Anadolu Agency says the marriage between the deity and the community’s leader represents the union between the divine and humanity.

The ceremony exemplifies the syncretism common throughout indigenous communities and Mexican culture, where pre-Hispanic traditions are intertwined with Catholic practices.

Watch The Video Below:

In an age-old ritual, a Mexican mayor married his alligator bride to secure abundance. Victor Hugo Sosa sealed the nuptials by kissing the alligator’s snout

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