Are you figuring the worry-free ways to gain customers' satisfaction?

What's "Order Go Simple"?

Restaurant Ordering  – SCAN, ORDER, PAY AT COUNTER

Our iPad POS is equipped with a food ordering system, and ease the whole process of customers taking an order. 

Customer service should be at the top of your priorities, and every step of the customer journey is perfected with simple process. So, let’s make your ORDER GO SIMPLE!

Self-Order System to Enhance Your Customer Experience

Let your guest scan QR code and order from their smartphone. No longer do you need a waiter at your table, and you won’t be happened to see the order is messed up.

After scan QR code, customers can choose to sign up as member or skip to register.

Customers can choose and order from the menu. 

Customers can select / list their additional remarks. 

The order will be sent to the kitchen after customers made an order.

After the order placed, customer will able to see the total amount. 

Pay at counter with e-wallet or other preferred payment method. 

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