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Tips Must Know: How to Choose The Right POS System for Your Restaurant

Food and beverage (F&B) business owners always have the worry of how to choose suitable Point of Sale (POS) systems for their restaurants.

There are many and different types of POS systems and packages in the market. To choose a suitable one is definitely not easy, we would be worried that what if we have chosen an unsuitable one.

But, choosing POS systems for restaurants is not that difficult actually. You can easily come up with the most suitable system if you have some basic knowledge about POS, and have some analyses on your restaurant.

Below, let’s start from 3 perspectives, analyzing how to find out the most suitable POS systems for restaurants

1. Hardware Devices

You might know that there are 2 main hardware devices for POS system, which are desktop and tablet, and the differences between the 2 devices are:

i. Space: Desktop needs more space than the tablet, other than monitor, computer’ central processing unit (CPU) takes up space also.

ii. Appearance: Nowadays people chase after “fashion and simplicity”. Other than fulfilling simple and uncomplicated design trend, tablets are telling customers that “We are more advanced, quicker and more convenient”.

iii. Mobility: Tablets have the advantage of being smaller and portable. Especially to some small-sized restaurants, the staff can easily carry tablets to take orders, avoid wasting time keep going to and back from dining tables and cashier counter.

ivDurability: Tablets have higher lifespan compared to computers. Especially iPad has very high quality, smoothness and durability, this is why most of the software companies would consider iPad as the first or the only supporting hardware.

2. Software

Software for POS system of restaurants needs more considerations as every single software item may affect restaurants’ daily operations.

i. Function: The function is one of the most important components to be considered when adopting a POS system. Other than the functions needed, you need to consider future needs too, so that it can be upgraded in the future when needed.

Of course, more functions will definitely lead to a higher price. Hence, do not hesitate to let go of functions that are attractive but you don’t need it. You may give prior consideration to software that provides daily needs and chances for any future upgrade.

ii.Ease: Users of this software like cashier and floor crew may lack knowledge of it or be non-tech people. Hence, don’t consider software that is tough and takes a long time to learn, even if free training is provided.

But, how to determine if the software is uncomplicated and simple to use?

If it can be operating in a short time when you have it on trial, then it is categorized as a POS system that is easy to operate. If there is no free trial version provided, then just can forget about it, as you cannot tell whether it is suitable if you never have the chance to try it.

iii. Technology

About POS system, the technology that you must know is Cloud Storage. This technology directly influences the whole system’s safety, convenience, and price.

Compared to saving the documents and data manually, Cloud is way much safer. At least you don’t have to worry about the problem of the hardware may be damaged, may be stolen and so on.

Using Cloud’s software, on the other hand, indicates convenience too, it can be operated anytime and anywhere, not necessarily must be back to the physical shop and use the specific computer in the shop.

3. Price

Total 2 types of payments in the market. The first type is one-off payment (usually excludes installation fees, from the second year onwards need to pay maintenance fees and system renewal fees, and the price ranges from the lowest of a few hundred Ringgit to a few thousand Ringgit).

The second type is monthly payment or annual payment (may start or terminate the contracts anytime, price ranges from below one hundred Ringgit to a few hundred Ringgit).

Which type of payments is more suitable, it all depends on individuals.

Some may think that the second type has a higher level of transparency, despite it may be more expensive; some say that one-off payment requires you to pay more during the first installation, and there will be more extra charges after that, so it is not worth it. What do you think?

4. Service

After-sales service is very important but is hard to determine whether it is good. It is because every user has different expectations, and every customer service has different professional levels.

There will always be people who are unsatisfied towards the service, even though the service provided is good.

Hence, it can be determined through the service platform and operation time of the POS system. Before making a decision, find out “how to get customer service in a quick and efficient way” and “what time can get access to customer service”.

Some companies in the market provide 24 hours of customer service, it is definitely beneficial to F&B business owners, but will this charge a higher price of the software? Do you necessarily need customer service that provides 24 hours standby, or service at special and specific timing? This need to be considered properly.

You have surely got some ideas on choosing a POS system for restaurants after finish reading this passage, and understand how to choose a suitable one, good luck to you.

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