Or you have no idea on POS system ? No worries, we’re here to explain and guide you. 

What is a POS System?

POS system – it refers to Point-of-sale system integrate with software and hardware that helps the business owner to run entire F&B business. And what is the difference with iPad POS system? 

iPad POS system is a better version for business owner in terms of accessibility and modernity. Every SME business owner needs an affordable yet powerful machine to process sales transactions – whether it is cash register machine or a point of sale (POS) system.


You should consider what type of business you’re running at first, so you will know what kind of hardware that tailor to your needs. For instance, if you’re into a cafe business sector, you will need to print receipts and store cash into the cash drawer. Simply, you will need a set of hardware like below to work with your POS system.


Speaking of software, it is like a command center to streamline all the restaurant operations and administration tasks. It allows you to manage food library, table layout management, get real-time updates from sales reports analytics, and more. Eventually, it helps to save your time and cost either you are at the initial stage of the start-up or maturity stage in the F&B business. Be ahead of the curve, you deserve to get a good POS system and make your life easier. 


How iPad POS system make you cost savings ?

iPad, Cash Drawer and a receipt printer is not that costly compared to a traditional point of sale system. You will just need to pay a monthly or yearly fee on the package you choose, and the hardware package cost is less than RM1,000.

How convenient is iPad POS system in F&B business?

The overall user interface of the system makes you train employees easier, and also minimize errors. Not only your staff begin to make an impact sooner, but by improving customer experience, you can enhance the customer experience.

How iPad POS system increase power to your F&B business?

Real-time data reports - iPad POS not only portable but it is easy to access real-time data reports which enable you to have a better understand of your business performance and make strategic improvements. Customer Marketing - You can use POS system to keep track of customers’ data and use it to build an email list and send them a different types of promo and deals.

Accept digital e-wallet in your F&B business?

E-wallet is the new gateway to the future. More people tend to have a cashless lifestyle and the majority of the people have e-wallet apps in their phones. Same goes to POS system, which is now e-wallet integrated, ready to accept popular e-wallets and most importantly to enable the payment flow to be more convenient and quick.

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